Joining the Group

Joining the group is really simple, just jump onto our teamspeak 3 server to get started (details can be found here). We have no sign up policy, simply jump on. If you are planning to join us for Arma, it would be a good idea to jump on a few days before hand, to make sure you have the mods and understand what will happen.

Unlike most other groups, we have very few restrictions on joining or leaving the group. Simply come and go as you please.

Below is some more information you might find useful.

General Rules and Requirements

  • We would ask you be 18 years old.
  • Speak English (any dialect) to a reasonable proficiency.
  • Headset or Desk Microphone of decent quality.

Location and Timezone

We organise and play to the United Kingdom Local Time (Currently UTC+1). Most of our members are from Europe but we have no limitations where people join us from, just be prepared to co-ordinate on UK time.


Nothing offensive, please make it quick and easy to say, so we can quickly and effectively communicate in missions.

Multi-Clanning and Mandatory Activity

We have no rules in this regard, we won’t hold it against you if you want to play with 2 different groups. As for minimum play time, there is none, for people who just want to play, though regular attendance would be appreciated to help us plan better.

Cheating and Exploits

We do not tolerate cheating, if you are caught, expect to be banned.

Chat Moderation and Private Messages

Our teamspeak server is moderated by several admins, they are allowed to issue short-term bans by themselves but cannot ban for longer than a week without agreement from at least another admin. Please be respectful of others, do not spam the channels or annoy people.

When on the server, please speak in English, unless all people in a channel agree to speak in a different language.